Jersey Jubilation Handbell Choir - Ridgewood, NJ

Jersey Jubilation Handbell Choir

Funding of Jersey Jubilation Handbell Choir
Through "Freewill" Offerings

The Jersey Jubilation Handbell Choir (JJHC) is the only permanent community-based English Handbell Choir in the New York Metropolitan Area, and indeed, the northeast Unites States. While we do receive remunerations when we are contracted to perform for specific times or events, that alone does not cover all our expenses.

As a giveback to our community and our hosting facility, we perform two major events each year referred to as our "Home Concerts". For these, we neither sell tickets nor charge admissions, but rather let you, the music lover give what you feel to help support the choir.

So how does one determine what might be appropriate as a freewill gift. Well, we offer this little model to help you understand what might be your starting point. To do this, we use both quality of presentation as well as pocket expenses.

First, quality. The ringers in the Choir have over 200 Years of handbell experience. Even allowing for new ringers, they have rehearsed well over 40 hours to give you the best of musical sound. That 40 hours is on par with theatrical rehearsals in NYC.

Now, pocket expenses. Assume you decide to take your spouse, friend or mate to New York City for a musical. Or you may want to expose your child to a new musical form!

First (and these are low estimates), there is a bridge toll (est. $18), a parking fee (est $29 plus tip), and the show tickets for two (est. $35min /person). That amounts to a minimum estimate of approximately $120, or $60/person (and don't forget babysitter cost if applcable). If you decide to eat out on the venture, the added estimated cost per person ($45/ea) brings you to over $110 per person.

Now letís compare that NYC estimate to that if you decide to attend our Home concert in Ridgewood. No bridge ($0), no parking fee ($0) (Village parking is free), so you have immediately saved over $40.

Now, according to, the Village of Ridgewood has over 80 Restaurants if you want to eat out. Although some may be expensive, in most you will still save almost half ($40) of your estimate NYC dinner bill.

So letís factor in your gift to the choir, your freewill offering. We suggest that your experience will be worth at least $10 per person. And for this, you will be treated to a concert and a reception with the choir afterwards. You will be able to come to the bell tables, look at music and perhaps try your talent ringing an instrument or speak to the Ringers.

So there you have our little model. Your freewill gift of $10 per person has saved you over $70 (you still save over $50 with a freewill gift of $20ea). And, you will be home in a quarter of the time it would take you to return from NYC.

Oh, and by the way, we have never turned anyone away from our concerts, ever. A freewill Offering is just that - we give and you return! This is how we all benefit with a Freewill Offering!